The Ko-Kwel Wellness Centers in Coos Bay and Eugene serve Coquille Tribal families, members of other Native American and Alaska Native tribes, Coquille Tribal employees, and the general public as capacity allows.

How to Sign Up

If you’re not already a patient of Ko-Kwel Wellness Centers, we’ll need some basic information to get you enrolled. Please fill out one of the forms below to register as a Ko-Kwel Wellness Center patient. Once complete, please send by postal mail or fax to KWC.

IMPORTANT: Do not email us the New Patient Enrollment Packet as it may contain Personal Health Information and your social security number.

Make an Appointment:

Coos Bay
(541) 888-9494

(541) 916-7025

More information for Coquille Tribal members is on the “Health Care” page of MyTribe.