Telemedicine Offers Additional Care Options

Telemedicine is a rapidly expanding health-care field that lets patients access professionals from across the country. Telemedicine is often referred to as a video visit, e-visit or virtual appointment. Each of these terms refers to video conferencing between a patient and a provider instead of a traditional in-person visit.

Telemedicine is simply a patient appointment with a provider using audio-video on a computer screen. Similar technology, such as Facetime and Skype, have helped families and individuals connect with one another over vast distances. This technology brings more health-care providers to rural areas and offers access to specialists who are difficult to find.

We offer telemedicine appointments at our Coos Bay facility. Telemedicine may become available in Eugene in the future.

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Future Telemedicine Services

The Ko-Kwel Wellness Center plans to expand telemedicine services through a grant from the USDA Rural Utilities Services. Expanding services by contracting with telemedicine-based providers will allow greater patient access to specialty services such as pain management, counseling, mental health services and skin cancer screenings.