Frequently Asked Questions

Coquille Indian Tribe Pharmacy

Why does the Coquille Indian Tribe have its own pharmacy?

The Coquille Indian Tribe is able to purchase medications at discounted prices for patients served by the Ko-Kwel Wellness Center. This helps patients afford their medicine.

What are the advantages of using the Coquille Indian Tribe Pharmacy over my existing pharmacy?

  • Having medications mailed to your home is convenient.
  • Curbside delivery of urgently needed medications is available upon request.
  • The friendly, professional pharmacy team works closely and collaboratively with your Ko-Kwel Wellness Center provider to meet your health-care needs.
  • Your medicine may be available at a lower cost than other pharmacies can offer, depending on your insurance and the prescriber.

Do I need to register as a patient with the tribal pharmacy?


Will all of my prescriptions need to be filled at the tribal pharmacy?

We recommend that you fill all of your prescriptions at one pharmacy. That way, your pharmacist can help monitor for potential drug interactions, to keep you safe and achieve the best outcomes from your medications

Sometimes special situations require a medication to be filled at a different pharmacy. Contact our pharmacy team to discuss any special needs you may have. Examples include travel, limited-distribution drugs or urgent need of an out-of-stock medication.

What is a maintenance medication?

Maintenance medications are those prescription medications used regularly for chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma or high cholesterol.

The Coquille Indian Tribe Pharmacy does not fill compounded medications.

What about prescriptions that I need to start right away?

Prescriptions prescribed by a Ko-Kwel Wellness Center provider for acute or short-term use may be filled using the tribal pharmacy. An example of an acute or short-term medication is an antibiotic for an infection. Please contact a pharmacy team member at (541) 435-7039 to ensure the medication is in stock and to coordinate pick-up or curbside delivery. Some exceptions apply.

How do I get my prescription to the tribal pharmacy?

Your health-care provider may order prescriptions for you electronically using Surescripts or by faxing the pharmacy. The pharmacy can accept faxed prescriptions only from a provider office. The pharmacy may also accept prescriptions phoned in by your provider.

The tribal pharmacy can transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy. Please contact us at (541) 435-7039 with the name and phone number of the pharmacy that last filled your prescription, the prescription number, and the name of the medication. This information is available on your prescription bottle. Please note we cannot transfer controlled substances.

How do I contact the pharmacy to order refills?

Prescription refill requests may be ordered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our automated refill line:

(541) 435-7039

The automated system will guide you through the process. Please remember to enter your most recent 7-digit prescription number, beginning with 0 or 00. If you are not sure whether your prescription was accepted by the automated system, please call back and request to speak to a pharmacy team member. If the pharmacy is closed, please leave a message, and your phone call will be returned the following business day.

How long does it take to get my prescriptions in the mail?

We ask that you please contact us 7-10 days in advance of needing a refill of your medication. This allows our pharmacy team adequate time to contact your provider if refill approval is needed.

It typically takes 72 hours for local delivery of prescriptions from the post office. Delivery of prescriptions outside of the Coos County area may take longer.

What happens if my prescription does not have refills or if the refill is too soon to fill?

If your prescription is out of refills, you can submit your refill request using the automated system or by calling a pharmacy team member. Our pharmacy team will contact your provider to request a refill approval.

If you request your prescription refill and it is too early to fill as allowed by your insurance or health plan, the pharmacy will automatically process the prescription on the earliest date allowed and will mail it to you.

How are prescriptions mailed?

Prescriptions are mailed standard through the U.S. Postal Service to the address we have on file. If you move, please give us your updated delivery address to ensure accurate and timely delivery of your prescriptions. Even if you have contacted the Ko-Kwel Wellness Center’s medical clinic, please contact the pharmacy separately to update your address.

All Schedule 2 Controlled Substances are sent signature-required.

Costly prescriptions may also be sent signature-required.

What if my address changes or I am at a temporary address?

Please call the pharmacy team with any short-term or long-term address changes, and we will mail your medications to the appropriate address. We cannot be responsible for packages sent to an address that was not updated.

When is the pharmacy open?

The pharmacy is normally open 9am-12pm and 1pm-5pm, Monday through Friday.

The pharmacy is closed on all major holidays consistent with the approved Coquille Indian Tribe closure schedule.  

What is the pharmacy contact information?

Phone: (541) 435-7039

(Our automated refill line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.)

Postal address:  CIT Pharmacy, 630 Miluk Drive, Coos Bay, OR 97420

Physical address: Located inside the Ko-Kwel Wellness Center, 630 Miluk Drive

No email please: Please do not email personal health information or refill requests to the pharmacy. Our automated refill line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Or contact a pharmacy team member at (541)-435-7039.