Epic and MyChart Premiere in April 2024

On April 1, 2024, Ko-Kwel Wellness Centers (KWC) will transition to Epic and MyChart, which is a state-of-the-art electronic health record (EHR) and patient portal that will significantly improve the patient experience at our KWC locations.

The Epic EHR system will increase efficiency for our providers, simplify your access to important health records, and support continuity of care when referring to outside facilities. Epic offers seamless sharing of patient chart notes and health information between KWC and specialists, hospitals, and providers locally, regionally, and nationwide.

Why Is KWC Changing to Epic?

Epic is a comprehensive medical records platform. That means it holds your lab results from the hospital, your x-rays from the orthopedic center, and your last check up at KWC with your Primary Care Provider all in one secure location. EPIC will make it possible for KWC to collaborate with other health care providers during the referral process. Epic’s patient portal, MyChart, is user-friendly and built for patients to easily navigate to the information they want. MyChart is certain to improve patient satisfaction when accessing their personal medical records, appointment times, and test results.

How Will MyChart Help Me?

With MyChart, you can securely access your health records and test results, send messages to the medical team, look up bills, and request prescription refills. All from your computer or your cell phone. You will be able to sign up for MyChart beginning April 1, 2024. There will be direct links posted to this page when KWC is able open this new patient portal.

Anticipation for Launch

Implementing a new EHR system is a significant undertaking for any healthcare organization. KWC has been preparing for the Epic changeover for over a year. Teams have been working behind the scenes with Epic project managers and consultants to document workflows and user training for providers, clinical staff, and administration.

KWC is excited to begin using Epic and MyChart, but there will undoubtedly be challenges as staff become familiar with new functions and screens as part of their patient care routine. Please provide a little extra time during April when checking into your appointments at KWC. Accept our apology in advance for any delays you may experience during the first few weeks of using Epic and MyChart live.

Visit During Premiere Days: April 1-12, 2024

We will be hosting a theatre style celebration for our patients and community during the first two weeks of April. Come in during business hours for a stroll on the red carpet, enjoy a bag of popcorn, create your MyChart account, and log in for the first time. Premiere Days will be going on at both KWC-Coos Bay and KWC-Eugene locations.