Baby Equipment

Every Coquille baby adds to the strength of our Tribe. We welcome our newest members by providing cribs, mattresses, car seats, and baskets of useful gifts.

As soon as you know a little one will be joining your family, please contact staff member Alyssa Severson. She’ll send you literature and she’ll stay in contact throughout the pregnancy.

When your baby arrives, Alyssa delivers a basket of welcome gifts. (For members outside the five-county service area, the gifts will come in a mailing box instead.)

Alyssa arranges reimbursement for your baby’s crib, mattress, first-stage and second-stage car seats, and a booster seat. Or, if you live inside the service area,  Alyssa may be able to accompany you on your shopping trip – or even do the shopping for you!

This program is for tribal members as well as non-tribal parents of enrolled tribal children. All equipment must be purchased new.

Here is the current reimbursement scale:

  • Infant car seat $80
  • Crib $150
  • Mattress $75
  • Second stage car seat $70
  • Booster seat $30

Mail copies of your receipts to:
Alyssa Severson
Ko-Kwel Wellness Center
630 Miluk Drive
Coos Bay, OR 97420

If you would like to upload your receipts, please log into MyTribe.


Alyssa Severson, Family Support Services Navigator
541-888-9494, ext. 2275

[email protected]