Telemedicine and You

Telemedicine is a way to have a medical appointment using computer audio and video rather than meeting in person. Patients can visit skilled off-site specialists for screenings, diagnosis and maintenance care through a secured internet line inside the Ko-Kwel Wellness Center.

What to Expect in a Video Visit

When you come to the Ko-Kwel Wellness Center for a telemedicine appointment, you’ll go to a regular exam room that contains a mobile computer cart. The cart will be equipped with a computer screen, a camera and a speaker, all set up for a secure Internet connection with your provider.

You may have used something similar at home, such as Skype or FaceTime, to video chat with family and friends. Telemedicine technology is similar to these tools. However, it adds important layers of Internet security used by medical practices.

How This Helps Patients

Telemedicine adds more providers to our health-care team to address patient needs. Video conferencing tools keep health-care costs down while opening the door to more consultations, education and increased provider availability. This lets you access an appointment with a specialist without long wait times, and it helps keep costs down.

About Telemedicine Providers

The Ko-Kwel Wellness Center selects telemedicine providers carefully. They have to be licensed in Oregon, must carry appropriate board-certifications, and must have the ability to order tests and prescriptions for you when needed.

Your Privacy is Protected

We have selected HIPAA technology that is compliant with all health information privacy and security
laws to make certain your video visit is private and secure. The video connection is only available to the
patient and the provider, ensuring that each video visit is an exclusive, safe, uninterrupted appointment. What you share during your video visit stays between you and your provider.

What if I Need In-Person Care?

If a health concern requires an in-person visit with a specialist, our staff will help you see an appropriate provider.